Search the home front database

{slider INFORMATION ABOUT SEARCHING|closed}Use this function to search for information about Ballarat & District civilians and a rew returned soldiers who supported Australia’s war effort during the First World War. You can search for people, places, organisations and types of work. Use the advanced filtering function to pinpoint your research target.

Fields used by the research team to record information about individuals are: Surname, Title, Given Name, Year of Birth, Place of Birth, Year of Death, Place of Death, Father, Mother, Residence, Occupation, Religion, Year Married, Spouse, Spouse's Occupation, War Work.

Many records do not contain information in every field, for example if a person did not marry. In a similar fashion, not all people have complete entries as yet. However, since this is an ongoing project new data will continue to be entered as it becomes available. 

It is expected that most people will simply search for a surname. This will not only bring up card entries for that surname at the top, it will also list all card entries where that surname occurs in any other field, for example as a maiden surname.

After clicking on Go, look below the Search Box for the number of items found. The number of items displayed per page can be selected from 5 to 200. There are also drop-down choices about the order in which items are displayed. The page number is also indicated, for example as Page 1 of 8.

Another way of refining the results is to use the letters of the alphabet. This can be used to indicate what surnames will be shown in the results. If the results are few in number, select All. Otherwise you can choose to select by initial letter of a given name.

You can use the filters described above to search for any words from any of the fields.